4 Ways to Time the Arrival of the House Movers

Scheduling your move is often a matter of when you can get time off and when you have to be out of your old place. However, if you have the time and flexibility to schedule your move whenever you want, you can save some money. Here are four ways to time the arrival of the house movers near me to your financial benefit.

1. By the Season of the Year

Families with school-age children like to move during the summer when school is out. College students move home in late spring and go back to school in late summer.

Movers hit the slow season towards the end of September and it won’t pick up again until sometime in April. There are times, especially in the depths of winter, when they don’t have much going on. Many house movers will charge less during the slow season because they need the work.

2. By the Week in the Month

The end of the month is usually when movers get hit hardest. People need to get moved before their lease runs out. The last weekend of the month can be the worst as far as scheduling a mover on short notice. If you get come, you will be paying a premium.

Scheduling your move towards the mid part of the month is better. The movers are less rushed and will give you better service.

3. By the Day of the Week

A lot of people have no choice but to move over a weekend. That’s why Friday through Sunday is a mover’s busiest days of the week. Many moving companies will actually recommend moving between Mondays and Thursdays to avoid this rush.

If you can take a day off during the week, moving on a Tuesday might just save you some money. Plus, you can face the coming weekend with the worst of the move behind you.

4. By the Time of Day

Movers like to get going early, so they can beat the heat of the day as much as possible. An early move also gives them the chance to get an extra job done in the afternoons. If you can get up and going by 7 or 8 in the morning, your movers will be happy.

Flexibility is your key to saving money when moving. The worst time to move is after noon on a weekend, during the summer, around the end of the month. If you can move at any other time, you will get better service at a discount.

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