6 Ways to Make Moving with Dogs Easier

Animals are usually territorial, and they feel the stress of relocating as much as humans do. Dogs are great at reading human body language, and they will know when it’s time to move even before you tell them. Since they can’t talk about what they are feeling, it is vital that you consider their feelings. Before calling the packers and movers Calgary, take these steps to ease your move.

1. Introduce moving supplies to your dog

Although a couple of boxes and duct tape aren’t scary, it doesn’t imply that your fluffy friend won’t be scared of them. If your dog freaks out at the site of a suitcase, there is a chance that packing supplies will throw it off. So, start buying moving supplies a few weeks before relocating to help your pet get accustomed to their site.

2. Exercise helps

Exercise is not only crucial to your dog’s physical health but also its mental well-being. Just like the adage goes that a tired dog is a good dog, exercise will have lots of benefits to your furry friend. Allow your pup to release the extra energy so that it stays calm. Increase the time you spend on the daily walks.

3. Use anxiety aids

Many anxiety tools are available to help calm pets. Since you know what calms your dog down, ensure you use it. Some balls and remedy like CBD treats can also help reduce anxiety. As the packers and movers go about with their work, your dog shouldn’t distract them.

4. Stick to your routine

When preparing for a move, the time has a way of flying away fast. You may realize that during this time, you sleep later than usual and get up earlier than your regular time. Disruption of routine will not only affect you but your pet too. Try sticking to the time you are used to. Set a recognizable schedule that isn’t prone to interruption.

5. Keep your pet entertained

Besides exercising your dog physically, you can also use brain games to keep them mentally fit. Since the stress of relocating can knock your pet off its feet, you should keep its mind occupied with other things through entertainment. Place their favorite toys and treats in corners and boxes in the house for them to locate.

6. Find a company for them on a moving day

One of the best gifts for your dog on a moving day is to find another place for them to stay on a moving day. Stressed dogs find a creepy way of staying under your feet throughout the moving day. Even if your pet is taking the event relatively well, it is better for them to be away until you are done with the exercise. Request a family member or friend to watch them during the relocation day.