4 Expert Tips for Moving with Houseplants

Of course, no one would want to leave their houseplants behind after dedicating the money, energy, and time to cultivate them. It is only natural to bring those fresh plants with you when relocating to a new residence. Professional movers always have an option for anyone who would want to move with their houseplants. Here are some of the useful tips for moving with plants.

1. Keep Your Flowers at the Right Temperature

Houseplants are temperamental, and some will die unless they are kept in temperature-controlled space during a long-distance move. Most houseplants can’t survive in temperatures above 100 degrees or below 30 degrees. Though most domestic mover Calgary don’t mind transporting plants, it might change when traveling a long distance. As such, check with your moving company about its policy of moving with plants. Consider bringing any plant that can fit in your car with you if the moving company won’t transport it.

2. Comply with State Regulations

Anyone crossing state lines has to check restrictions on relocating with houseplants. Some states will ask for a certificate of inspection showing that a flower or houseplant isn’t bringing any unwanted creature such as moths to the new region. However, some states are much stricter than others, so check with the relevant authorities before deciding to move with a houseplant. You can call the natural resource department to familiarize yourself with specific rules on moving a houseplant to the state you’re headed.

3. Go Plastic

Clay and ceramic pots are far likely to break in transit than plastic ones. That’s why experts recommend transferring houseplants to plastic containers before embarking on a long distance move. However, note that moving a plant to another container can be detrimental to the health of your flowers and plants. Transplanting a flower from clay or ceramic pot to a plastic pot should happen a few weeks before the moving day to give the plant ample time to get used to its new environment.

4. Water Your Plants

Some houseplants and flowers can survive up to a week without water. However, keep checking them so that they don’t dry while in transit. Calculate the length of the journey and add on a few days in case delivery takes a little longer than expected. Check with an expert how long your plant can survive without water. However, consider selling or giving out your plants to a friend or neighbor if all these sound like a lot of hassle. Contact a local professional mover for advice on moving a long distance with plants. Some of these moving companies have decades of experience helping their clients relocate with their houseplants safely and smoothly. Compare price quotes and services from different moving companies to find the most appropriate mover for you.

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