7 Tips for Packing Clothes Ahead of a Long-Distance Move

Going out for a vacation can be fun and relaxing, but packing ahead of a long distance move often seems taxing. However, it doesn’t always have to be stressful and scattered with the right packing tips and guidance from professional movers. Below are incredible packing tips to make it less tiresome and stressful to plan for a move.

1. Fold instead of Rolling

Though people seem divided on this, it is true that rolling clothes take up more space than folding them. It can also make clothes and towels to get wrinkled. Consider folding clothes into compact, thin folds for maximum use of space.

2. Pack a Laundry Bag

People often go back with a pile of dirty clothes from vacation, but you could still have a few that are clean. In such a scenario, you may need to pack a grocery bag or travel-size laundry bag for separating clean and dirty clothes.

3. Pack Heavy Items and Shoes on the Bottom

Shoes and any other bulky items should be packed on the bottom of the luggage. That way anything with dirt won’t get in touch with any piece of your clean clothes. Packing anything else on the bottom of the bag will make it easy for commercial movers Toronto to load it onto the van.

4. Avoid Over-Packing the Bag

Over-packing is the common mistake that people often make when preparing for a long distance move. It is what that often results in torn travel bags. However, be realistic to avoid getting yourself into stressful situations while on vacation. For example, those who don’t wear wedges should not pack them to avoid stressing themselves.

5. Fill Blank Spaces

Your suitcase space is probably limited, so try to make the most out of every little inch that you have. Roll socks, underwear, tops, and any other tiny objects and stuff them into the shoes. That will ensure that every space in a suitcase is utilized.

6. Avoid Stains

Imagine packing light clothes and only to find them stained after arriving at your new destination. With the right packing tips, this problem should never concern you anymore. Firstly, wrap all light-colored clothes and put them inside a small bag. Also, use hotel disposable shower caps for covering the base of your shoes to ensure that they don’t mix with your clean clothes.

7. Keep Your Clothes Fresh

When someone is on a long trip, keeping clothes smelling fresh is crucial. It might, therefore, be necessary to bring with you scented drawer liners, fabric conditioner sheets, or small bags of potpourri for a fresh smell throughout the trip. No matter how long a trip is, packing a bag ahead of a journey may be necessary, and everyone would want to pack their travel bag rightly. With so many factors at play, be cautious not to under-pack or over-pack ahead of a long distance move.

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