Moving Forward…By Going Back

When we conceived Lily Mae’s (and yes, much as I can tell it is like giving birth and then having a colicky baby) our concept was all about approachability.  The food.  The room.  The price point.  The service.  We wanted it a little bit French/European, a little bit prairie, and above all approachable. Not fussy, pretty simple, but good.

And to a varying extent we succeeded with some of these.  But, we did some soul searching and wanted to get it a bit more back to where it was envisioned.  Some of it strayed more than we intended.  It happens.  You listen, you respond, you react, you adjust, and you sometimes do good things and…sometimes you don’t.

Our new evening menu reflects this evolution back closer to what we intended.  The menu is “Family Style” – whatever your definition of family is.  We think the variety is there, a little bit European, a little bit prairie…a little more us. And I hope good value and good prices.

We hope you will pop in for a visit sometime soon.

Lily Mae’s in Gastown

January 12, 2014

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