Kobe Kensington…In Loving Memory

After a long period of no posts, allow for this very self-indulgent one.  For many of you who know Lily Mae’s as a dog friendly place for pooch treats, you may have met our lovable if not sometimes moody corgi cross, Kobe.  On Monday, July 21st at around noon, Kobe passed away at the age of 16 ½.

Kobe came into our life unexpectedly. Over 15 years ago, we made a stop at the SPCA here in Vancouver. “Oh let’s just take a peek at the dogs” Armand said.  I tried to distract him with the cute bunnies as I knew he was likely to get his heart stolen.  And he did.  Kobe looked out with his big brown eyes from one of the cages and it was game over.

He was a difficult one.  We took him to obedience training and were quickly separated from the rest of the class.  Kobe was named “most improved” and from our sequestered side of the parking lot, we quietly cheered to ourselves. At home, he chewed on everything, barked incessantly when left alone, and caused a lot of stress.  When we adopted him, they told us he had been abused really badly and left for dead.  But, as the weeks passed, and the trust grew on all sides, we all realized what a special opportunity we had all been given.

Fast forward 15 ½ years later, and Kobe’s health was failing.  Both physically and mentally, he had been slowing down for a couple of years.  He put on a brave front, always a trooper.  But life wasn’t fun for him anymore.  It was starting to get very hard.  And, as hard as it was not to be selfish, we knew it was his time.

He died in our arms, giving us kisses right up to the final seconds.  We like to think he was telling us thanks for taking him in all those years ago, for his nice cushy life, and for letting him go when we did.  He was amazing.  Armand did this portrait of him many years ago.

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