Canine Update

I am oft at a loss for things to blog about.  Sometimes it sounds like whining, sometimes it feels too personal, othertimes too trite.  Myrtle has been on me to blog so there is always one defacto subject that can get me off my derriere and onto the computer – dogs.

As my millions, er thousands, um, ok, couple of readers know, we love our canine friends (see many blog posts past).

As my 2 readers also likely know (of course you do mom), we have a shetland sheepdog, affectionately known as a sheltie.  Years ago, when we got her from the breeder (I grew up with shelties and thought she would make a perfect personality for our rescue, Kobe), she told us Nyla was show dog material.  A year or so later, we brought to a friend of ours who was a dog groomer in Vancouver at the time.  “That ain’t no show dog” he critiqued our little gal.  Ok, she wasn’t little.  In fact, he pointed out she was the wrong colour, had 1 ear up and 1 ear down, was too tall, too long, and her face wasn’t right either.  She was perfect to us.

One of our neighbourhood friends have a sheltie named after a popular candy manufacturer.  They are a lovely couple and are moving away this week.  Their boy is likely showdog material as he’s half Nyla’s size, weight, and clearly enjoys grooming (Nyla runs away when we get out a brush).  That’s maybe why she growls at him when she sees him.  We’ll miss them and their well mannered little guy.

For those who read the column on Rosie’s passing, a bit of an update.  Her dad had said that he wouldn’t wait too long to fill the void and sure enough – a couple month’s later he has a cute little heinz 57 named Tia.  She is about 10 years old and was given up by her owners when they were told they had to get rid of 1 of their 3 dogs where they were living.  I can’t even imagine.  Gut wrenching.

Back to me.  Our own little Kobe is nearing that final phase.  As anyone who has been there, it’s hard to see them decline.  When does it become selfish?  We’re at that point of really weighing it.  He has good days and less good days.  He seems happy, eats, and is not in any notable pain.  We’re hoping he lets us know.  Nyla will miss him desperately too although I know one bright side for her will be top dog status (it has been hard for her for 8 years now to defer to him as top dog!).

On a lighter note, 7 more days to Christmas!


Lily Mae in Gastown

December 18, 2013

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