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Now open for Brunch 6 days a week (and Dinner 5 evenings a week)!

Lily Mae's is a cozy, 25-seat European-inspired bistro in Vancouver's historic gastown.

Our home is split between a mezzanine loft space and bright, street level main area, all set in a 100-year old building.  Our food is similarly inspired - using fresh local product, simple, and approachable.

Reservations accepted but you are always welcome to come by our home!



Click here for menus!  

Click here for reservations...or just pop in!  Whether you want to come in for a drink and appy, a leisurely dinner, or a late evening dessert, we always welcome you in our home.

 Lily Mae's

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 Lily Mae'sVancouver, BC


Tuesday - Sunday (10 am to 3 pm)


Tuesday - Saturday (5 pm to 11 pm)